Thomas Tecle is a integration coordinator at Skåneidrotten, the regional organization of the Swedish Sports Confederation.  Since 3 years Skåneidrotten works with a strong goal of everyone's equal rights, obligations and opportunities regardless of background.

- Thomas, what is your superpower that helps you to work  at Skåneidrotten?

My parents came to Sweden from Eritrea in the 80s, and their experience has taught me never to take anything for granted and to work hard. I believe that can be a super power as it motivates me to work for every person's right to engage in sports. I also never get tired of learning more about sport and its role in societal change. I spend most hours of my day working with or thinking about different aspects of that.  

- When do you feel most supported?

When I work with people who understand the value of sports in the integration process. That really inspires me.

- What advice would you give to yourself when arriving in Sweden for the first time?

Engage in sports or other voluntary activities. It is the easiest way to enter Swedish social life and to get to know new people.

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