Interactive Training Module

Interactive Training Module


Aspire Sports and Finnish Olympic Committee are excited to welcome Sport Federations, Sport Organizers and Coordinators to the  Inclusion of Migrants in the Society Through Sports and Play” Training Session.

The already 3rd European Aspire Sport session will be opened by Deputy Mayor for culture and leisure of Helsinki, Afghan- Finnish politician, Nasima Razmyar.

Nasima Razmyar will open the Helsinki Aspire Sports project session

Throughout the day participants will explore the theoretical and practical chapters of the Training Module and expand knowledge how to use sport and play as instruments for supporting the inclusion of refugees.

Before, participants will listen to the host-introduction by freelance stuntman and actor Tung Bui and learn reflections of keynote speaker, professional football player Mehmet Hetemaj. Attenders will also have the possibility to analyse Sporttia kaikille (“Sport for All”) grassroot project.



  • Organizer: Finnish Olympic Committee
  • When& Where: 10.12.2018, Taitotalo Centre, Helsinki
  • Participants  Sport federations, among others Finnish Swimming Association, Football Association of Finland, The Finnish Orienteering Federation, Finnish Snowboard Association, Skating Finland, Finnish multicultural association, MonaLiiku, Icehearts, sport organizers and coordinators of the City of Helsinki, Vantaa, Järvenpää and city of Hyvinkää.
  • Key message Multicultural aspect is very important for Finnish society. Equality program is obligatory for all sport federations and the Finnish Olympic Committee organizes many seminars about non-discrimination, sexual harassment, equality. Aspire Sport training session will be a perfect inspiration to add multicultural aspects to plans, programmes and activities of attending federations. 



The 6th ASPIRE Sport training session was held at a special venue of the Olympic Velodrome in Athens. The training was co-organised by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sport and the General


“Inspire and get inspired” – has been the motto of the ASPIRE training session in Germany, which provided an opportunity for practitioners from Sweden and Germany to exchange and learn from the



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