ASPIRE Training Sessions

The ASPIRE project aims to support sport organisations in their work to offer suitable participation opportunities for refugees and to enhance the skills and competences of people in sport. The dissemination and implementation of the ASPIRE training module are key elements to realise this aim.


The partner organisations from 9 countries host training sessions between autumn 2018 and spring 2019. The trainings include hands-on learning opportunities and introduction to the main areas of the training module.

Training session topics:

  • migration,
  • intercultural dialogue,
  • psychosocial support and
  • accessible sport organisations.

Target Groups

The target groups of the training sessions are facilitators, who has the role of empowering participants of sporting activities, including:

  • people involved in sport, such as sport instructors, coaches, volunteers, project leaders, administrators, officials, etc.
  • In addition, it possibly includes physical education teachers, social and aid workers and refugees with a background on coaching or physical education.


ASPIRE training session in Finland

10 December 2018, Helsinki, Finland

The next session will be on the 10th of December in Finland. Contact us for more details (

ASPIRE Training Session in Finland


ASPIRE training session in Sweden

26 September 2018, Stockholm, Sweden


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ASPIRE training session in Serbia

11 September 2018, Stara Pazova, Serbia

After the creation and the testing of our training module, we started in September 2018 to implement our project into 9 national training sessions organized in cooperation with our different project partners. Those sessions are structures with a first part based on the theoretical content of our training module and a second part implementing the best practices of the training module into sports exercises. Gathering stakeholders from sports organizations, government bodies and refugee experts, the national training sessions aim to raise awareness and disseminate the outcomes of the ASPIRE project.

The inaugural training course took place on 11th September at the Sports Centre of the Serbia Association of Football with more than 30 participants. Teachers, sports coaches, interpreters as well as social and aid workers participated in a combination of physical activities, martial arts, creative arts, and discussions. Recurring themes included the challenges facing immigrant children entering Europe, intercultural dialogue, and psychological and social support.

Practical exercises in the Serbian training session


On the 25th of September, the Swedish sport confederation hosted the second training session in Stockholm. The session was composed of different sessions including information about the ASPIRE project, the chapters and how the module can be applied in Sweden. After the introduction, Anna Strugovshchikova joined through Skype to talk about the DOSB’s structure, how they work with integration and guided the group through the chapter about Intercultural Dialogue. The day ended with two employees from the regional district office of Gävleborg talking about their transnational exchange with DOSB in May. They explained what they had learnt from the exchange and their visits to local offices.


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