The 6th ASPIRE Sport training session was held at a special venue of the Olympic Velodrome in Athens. The training was co-organised by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sport and the General


“Inspire and get inspired” – has been the motto of the ASPIRE training session in Germany, which provided an opportunity for practitioners from Sweden and Germany to exchange and learn from the


Thomas Tecle is a integration coordinator at Skåneidrotten, the regional organization of the Swedish Sports Confederation.  Since 3 years Skåneidrotten works with a strong goal of everyone's equal


Ari Amin comes from Kurdistan but he has lived in Sweden all his life. He speaks five different languages ​​and lives in Angered, a city with people and cultures from all over the world. He is the

Mohammad was one of key speaker during ASPIRE Sport training session in Belgium, Mechelen.

All participants had the chance to listen to a human who with danger to his own life, whistled his last


Aspire Sports, Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sport and the General Secretariat of Sport are excited to welcome Sport Federations, Sport Organizers and Coordinators to the Training Session.


- Raheleh, what superpower helped you to achieve your goal - participate in the Olympic Games?  Doing better. When I see somebody competing in same level – I just try to do better then them. I’m not

History and the present shook hands on 29 January 2019, as the fourth Training Session of the ASPIRE project took place in Mechelen, Belgium. The event was organised by Sport Flanders, the Belgian

2019 starts very intensively for the ASPIRE Sport project. The German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) e.V. and the sport organisation of Sweden, Riksidrottsforbundet meet to organize the 5th


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