3.3.2. Coping and resilience through psychosocial support

Recovery from trauma is mostly built on the processes of coping and resilience. Coping is thereby a broad term that refers to anything people do to adjust to the challenges and demands of stress.

Different individuals have their own ways of coping with problems. Part of the suite of coping skills is the ability to express one’s feelings, thoughts and beliefs. If the painful feelings are expressed, the person can recover and heal. Most people affected by disasters recover to normal functioning without any intervention and this is believed to be influenced by an individual’s coping mechanisms and resilience.

Resilience can be described as an inner strength, responsiveness and flexibility that some individuals have more of than others, that either enables them to withstand stress and trauma completely, or helps them to be able to recover to a healthy level of functioning more quickly after a traumatic event. It is important, though, to understand how resilience might be promoted in people through psychosocial support and via participation in a sports programme.


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