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3.5. Examples of good practice



Bulgarian Federation of Kung Fu and Tai Chi Integration through sport of children of migrants and refugees.

Target group The target groups are children and adolescents aged between 9 to 20 years. Children of refugees and migrants from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan get involved in kung fu, tai chi, basketball and swimming. The federation operates all year and between 50 and 80 children participate.
Implementing Organisation Bulgarian Federation of Kung Fu and Tai Chi
Location Sofia, Bulgaria
Time / Duration The federation has been running since 2001 and still runs today. It has been successful since 2003.
Objectives The aim of the project is the systematic training of children of refugees and immigrants to enable integration, inclusion, self-empowerment, awareness raising and cultural sensitivity. The secretary of the federation is also a successfully integrated immigrant from Iraq.
Structure / Design The programme’s uptake is very good and focuses on issues of interculturalism, religion and language.
Impact / Outcome The federation has had a positive impact on the integration and psychosocial support for children of migrants and refugees.



International Football Tournament for Children – Football as a tool for social integration.

Target group Boys and girls aged between 10-18 years old. There are 80 participants involved in the initiative.
Implementing organisation Concordia Bulgaria Foundation – a partner of the Bulgarian Union for Physical Culture and Sport (BUPCS) in the ASPIRE project.
Location Sofia, Bulgaria
Time / Duration The initiative has been running successfully since 2014.
Objectives The integration of children from risk groups and unaccompanied refugee children. 
Impact / Outcome Positive social integration and a reduction in intercultural differences. Psychosocial support. 
Lessons learned Sport, and specifically football, are an excellent means of psychologically supporting and integrating children at risk.


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