3.4.3. “No-Gos”

Don’t focus too strongly on the competitive aspect of sport. Sport naturally combines both competition and cooperation. However, coaches and facilitators must be careful to ensure competition remains healthy and respectful.

Coaches must also ensure that encouraging competition and creating teams doesn’t reinforce existing divisions within a community and within different cultures and religions.

And in addition, remember:

  • Don’t force trauma survivors to talk about their own experience
  • If they start talking about painful experiences, don’t discuss too much at once, don’t dig too deep and don’t go too far back into the past
  • Don’t stop someone from crying because it is their way of expressing their feelings
  • Do not make promises you cannot keep
  • Do not tell people’s stories to anyone
  • Don’t force help on people by insisting on what they should do
  • Don’t judge or blame the person for their situations, actions, words, or feelings.

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