Running an ASPIRE Training Session: A Practical Guide

This brief Guide focuses on some of the key aspects of the preparation and delivery of an ASPIRE Training Session. It also seeks to share some of the lessons that have been learned from earlier ASPIRE Training Session, which have taken place in 9 European Countries in 2018 and 2019 - Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Greece, Serbia, Spain and Sweden.

Information about ASPIRE is supplemented by practical ideas for making the most of a Training Session, and numerous lists are provided of additional sources of information.

The Guide is designed to be used alongside the other ASPIRE materials, and Training Session coordinators are strongly encouraged to use the Guide alongside the ASPIRE website and the Training Module. The Training Module, in particular, provides a rich source of accessible information about migrants and refugees, their support, and the different ways in which sport can play a valuable and effective role in promoting their inclusion. Ideally, the Training Module and this Guide should be used together in the planning of Training Sessions.


Running an ASPIRE Training Session: A Practical Guide





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