Christina Sandin, Swedish Swim Association was one of the speakers of the ASPIRE training session in Frankfurt, Germany (30-31 January 2019).

- Christina, can you please introduce you shortly?

My name is Stina Sandin and I work for the Swedish Swimming Federation with our “Learn to Swim” programs. A couple of years ago I saw that the Swedish Swim Teams wanted to make a change, working more with newcomers and immigrants in their environment.

Since 2018, with support from The Swedish Sports Confederation, we are running a Leader Project for newcomers and immigrants, to increase the number of instructors with different ethnic background. We want them to be role models for others, so we can create a bigger diversity in our sport.

- Sharing your story on International Day of Happiness, how does the Leader Project Impact a single participants life?

I would like to share a quote from one of the participants in the leader project. This person participated in the project last year and is now employed in one of our swim teams.

"This project is not just about training leaders, they don´t just give us knowledge as swimming coaches, but they help us grow as humans. They give us the knowledge we need to help us be better people. I also get to be a part of society in a way that I haven´t experienced before. I feel very grateful."

All of our new instructors have their unique stories, but they have some things in common. They were all curious and showed a lot of will. They dared to do this even though everything was very new to them. They showed our swim clubs a lot of joy and loyalty.



-Christina, what superpower help you to achieve your goals?

I think it is important to have a positive mindset and believe in what you do.

- What makes you feel supported?

To have good people, with different competences, around me. I believe that we can make a big difference together.

- What advice would you give to yourself, when you started to deal with the social inclusion of people with migrant background/refugees?

Get a lot of inspiration from other people, organizations etc. You can learn a lot from others!


ASPIRE Sport and the national project partner Caritas Akademie are pleased to invite to the Haus der Sports in Vienna instructors, officials and members from organisations, with previous experience or

The Sports Federation Union of Catalonia, together with ASPIRE Sport are ready to welcome facilitators, coaches, sport and government decision makers to the 8th ASPIRE Sport session.  

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