“Inspire and get inspired” – has been the motto of the ASPIRE training session in Germany, which provided an opportunity for practitioners from Sweden and Germany to exchange and learn from the ASPIRE project and moreover from the experience of each other.

Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 30-31 January 2019

The 5th ASPIRE training session, organised on 30-31 January 2019 in the House of Sport in Frankfurt, Germany, had a special character. As other sessions, it aimed at developing knowledge, skills and competence among people with a sporting background on the special context of migrants and refugees. However, the most valuable has been that it allowed 20 practitioners to look across the national borders, exactly in the international and intercultural spirit of ASPIRE.

Co-organised by the German Olympic Sport Confederation (DOSB) and the Swedish Sports Confederation (RF), the two-day event had the aim to enable exchange of good practice and know-how among project leaders and sport administrators from national and regional sport federations responsible for sport for migrants and refugees and social inclusion in general.

As Germany and Sweden experience similar migration tendencies and share quiet similar organisation structure, the common training session widened participants’ perspectives and served as an inspiration for their daily work.

The organisers, DOSB Integration through Sport Officer Anna Strugovshchikova and RF Coordinator for Sport and Integration Lillemor Lindell, created an atmosphere where practitioners could gather new ideas and insights into Swedish and German approaches in an informal and interactive way. Participants had the chance to reflect, expand their perspective and enrich their work for the benefit of societ.

The presentations from ASPIRE facilitator and ICSSPE Director of Scientific Affairs Katrin Koenen on considering the personal challenges of refugees as well as German Sport Youth representatives Alexander Strohmayer and Carina Weber-Bougherfa on their activities on sport for refugee youth also contributed to the quality of the event.

As DOSB Executive Board Member Sports for Development Dr. Karin Fehres explained in her opening speech:

For DOSB, the topic of migration is very important since 1989 already. This year, we celebrate 30 years of the federal programme “Integration through Sport” promoted by the Federal Ministry of Interior.

Social inclusion of people with different backgrounds is an international issue as we saw it really clearly during the last years. That is why it is a great added value of the ASPIRE project and this training session, in particular, that it allows practitioners from Sweden and Germany to come together.

Though these practical events, the project starts to live. This is not just the pure theory anymore. This is what will support practitioners as multipliers in their daily work, hopefully.”

The ASPIRE training session participants from Germany will have the opportunity to train trainers on the knowledge learned from the training session and the ASPIRE project in general during the regular working meeting of all 140 employees of the federal program “Integration through Sport” in March 2019.

Swedish participants will use the knowledge from the two days to pass on to the entire group of 30 employees in the regional offices of Swedish sport who work with integration and inclusion. They will also share the experiences with colleagues working on developing Swedish sport in federations.

The ASPIRE project continues with the Hellenic training session on 19 February 2019 in Athens, Greece.


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