"Night football" evening 

Olof Ljungberg was among the speakers of the ASPIRE training session in Frankfurt, Germany (30-31 January 2019).

Olaf was involved in many integration projects of the Blekinge Sports Federation over last years. The success of 2018 project, "Health for all" has even attracted interest abroad - American CBS News visited Sweden to learn more about the local model.

Last week, a special event was organized as part of the "Sport in the City Center" project of Blekinge Sports Federation. Night football - young people aged 13-25 had the opportunity to play football and socialize on Friday night.

"The test results are consistent; Night football keeps young people away from unhealthy environments. To play football and socialize instead of hanging around, we think it's a good model".

Night football took place  on Friday 22 March, from 20:00 to 23:00.



- Olof, what is your superpower that helps you to work at RF Blekinge?

That would be my endurance. My pursuit of equality is not always easy and it sometimes demands a great effort mentally. To cope with that, I need my endurance.

- Can you give us an example when it's not easy?

Yes, unfortunately. I remember one special occasion; We got big media attention when we launched our great project "Health for everyone", which got the neo-nazis and other right extremist organizations to harass me in various ways. Of course that got to me, in some ways. However, my strive is bigger than my fear.

- When do you feel most supported?

When people from different levels of the society truly understands the force that sports bring to the integration process. Sweden needs all the fantastic sports clubs to help immigrants and others to feel included in our society. I and they need support from both municipalities, politicians and media. When that happens – I would feel truly supported.

- What advice would you give to politicians around Europe?

Meet the needs of sports organizations, clubs and athletes in our work with equality our society! Relatively little money makes great use.


ASPIRE Sport and the national project partner Caritas Akademie are pleased to invite to the Haus der Sports in Vienna instructors, officials and members from organisations, with previous experience or

The Sports Federation Union of Catalonia, together with ASPIRE Sport are ready to welcome facilitators, coaches, sport and government decision makers to the 8th ASPIRE Sport session.  

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