ASPIRE Sport and the national project partner Caritas Akademie are pleased to invite to the Haus der Sports in Vienna instructors, officials and members from organisations, with previous experience or

The Sports Federation Union of Catalonia, together with ASPIRE Sport are ready to welcome facilitators, coaches, sport and government decision makers to the 8th ASPIRE Sport session.  

The workshop

"Night football" evening 

Olof Ljungberg was among the speakers of the ASPIRE training session in Frankfurt, Germany (30-31 January 2019).

Olaf was involved in many integration projects of the

“Physical activity and sport as an effective tool for the integration of immigrants and refugees to Bulgarian society”

The Bulgarian Association of Physical Culture and Sport (BSF), a key partner

Christina Sandin, Swedish Swim Association was one of the speakers of the ASPIRE training session in Frankfurt, Germany (30-31 January 2019).

- Christina, can you please introduce you shortly?



Ari Amin comes from Kurdistan but he has lived in Sweden all his life. He speaks five different languages ​​and lives in Angered, a city with people and cultures from all over the world. He is


Aspire Sports, Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sport and the General Secretariat of Sport are excited to welcome Sport Federations, Sport Organizers and Coordinators to the Training Session.

- Raheleh, what superpower helped you to achieve your goal - participate in the Olympic Games?  Doing better. When I see somebody competing in same level – I just try to do better then them. I’m


  • Name: Jasmiina Gharieb
  • Age: 34
  • Profession: Mental health and Health Coach
  • Sport background: oh, I´ve a long history in Sports (basketball and now dance) as a player and more than 15 years

ENGSO and key partners launch a new project on social inclusion of refugees

In the light of the current refugee crisis in Europe, ENGSO strongly holds the conviction that sport can be a unique tool


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