ASPIRE Sport and the national project partner Caritas Akademie are pleased to invite to the Haus der Sports in Vienna instructors, officials and members from organisations, with previous experience or interest in the inclusion of refugees in sports. This interactive workshop day is organized in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Sports Organization.

  • Date: 15.04, Monday, 10am

  • Venue: Haus des Sport Wien, Prinz Eugen Strasse 12, 1040 Vienna
  • Registration: [email protected]

Main speakers: 

-         Thomas Jäger - Educational Officer of the Caritas Academy and Team Manager of the Austrian Homeless World Cup National Team. Many years of experience in Caritas Steiermark with integration projects in socially inclusive sport.

-         Katrin Koenen - Director of Science at the International Council of Sports Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE). Prior to joining ICSSPE, Katrin worked in a public relations and communications agency and served as communications manager for one of the main sponsors of the Paralympic Games from 1996 to 2004.

-         Pamir Zarawar Khan - Chairman of the Afghan Steiermark Cricket Club - good practice examples

-         Karina Lackner - Founder “Kicken ohne Grenzen” Vienna - good practice examples

-         Sandra Speigner - Sportunion, Project “Sport Connects Us” - good practice examples


The Sports Federation Union of Catalonia, together with ASPIRE Sport are ready to welcome facilitators, coaches, sport and government decision makers to the 8th ASPIRE Sport session.  

The workshop

"Night football" evening 

Olof Ljungberg was among the speakers of the ASPIRE training session in Frankfurt, Germany (30-31 January 2019).

Olaf was involved in many integration projects of the


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