“Physical activity and sport as an effective tool for the integration of immigrants and refugees to Bulgarian society”

The Bulgarian Association of Physical Culture and Sport (BSF), a key partner of the ASPIRE Sport project, will host the April training in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Teachers, sports coaches, representatives of various institutions as well as social and aid workers will take part in an intense day of training session and discussion. The lectures will be conducted, among others, by representatives of the UN Agency for Refugees and the Bulgarian Red Cross.



Morning session:

- Opening of the seminar and presentation of the participants.

- Introduction to the ASPIRE Sport project.

- Migrations trends and key concepts.

Afternoon session:

- Analysis of the situation of refugees and emigrants in Europe and Bulgaria.

- Intercultural dialogue, religious and social challenges. (guidelines from the training module).

- Guest speakers, official representatives of immigrant communities, emigrants from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq.

- Closing remarks


OFFICIAL GUESTS at the opening of the seminar

·        Mrs. Kina Sabeva - Chairman of the Bulgarian Council for Refugees and Migrants,

·        Mr. Matyas Le Ruth - Representative of the UN Refugee Agency in Bulgaria,

·        Dr. Nadezhda Todorova - Deputy Director General and Head of Socio-Operational Activity of the Bulgarian Red Cross.


- representatives of organizations dealing with the integration of migrants and refugees,

- coaches and teachers,

- institutions:

·        State Agency for Refugees at the Council of Ministers of Bulgaria

·        Ministry of Youth and Sports

·        Bulgarian Council for Refugees and Migrants

·        Bulgarian Red Cross

·        National Sports Academy

·        Concordia-Bulgaria Foundation

·        Caritas -Bulgaria Foundation

·        Bulgarian Federation Kung Fu and Tai Chi

·        Bulgarian Quadratlon Federation

·        Bulgarian Taekwondo Federation WTF

·        Bulgarian Tennis Federation

·        Bulgarian Handball Federation

·        Bulgarian Gymnastics Federation

·        Bulgarian Rugby Federation

·        Deaf Sports Federation


LECTURERS from Bulgaria:

·        From the State Agency for Refugees to the Council of Ministers - Ms Yanitsa Ryapova

·        From the Bulgarian Council for Refugees and Migrants - Mrs. Vladimir Milev

·        From the United Nations Refugee Agency - Bulgaria - Mrs. Iva Lazarova

·        From the Concordia Foundation - Mr. Peter Krumov

·        From the Bulgarian Red Cross - Mrs. Mariana Stoyanova - Program Manager of the Refugee-Migration Service to the Bulgarian Red Cross.

·        From the Federation of Kung Fu and Tai Chi - Mr. Taimour Jaffari - President of the Federation


ASPIRE Sport and the national project partner Caritas Akademie are pleased to invite to the Haus der Sports in Vienna instructors, officials and members from organisations, with previous experience or

The Sports Federation Union of Catalonia, together with ASPIRE Sport are ready to welcome facilitators, coaches, sport and government decision makers to the 8th ASPIRE Sport session.  

The workshop


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