7 months, 9 European cities, 9 training sessions, presentations, meetings, hundreds of coffees and even more inspirational discussions -  the last training session planned as part of the ASPIRE Sport Project took place in Austria.

The workshops, organized on April 15 in Vienna, brought together various specialists in the field of sport and social integration, as well as migrant and grassroots activists, to exchange best practices and discuss with sport stakeholders current challenges.

The event organized at Haus des Sport (Home of Sport, Viena) began with the presentation "Intercultural Dialogue in Sport" and Thomas Jäger (Caritas Academy, Graz), who emphasized that social diversity can not be explained and understood by a "we" and "the others" attitude.

Caritas Akademie and ASPIRE Sport

Presentation was followed by the introduction of ASPIRE Sport Project and Katrin Koenen (ICSSPE, Berlin) workshop - "Psychosocial support through sport".

The workshop illustrated how sports and exercise in groups can be the appropriate tools in cope with trauma, and thus an essential element of psychosocial interventions. It provided also practical tips for planning, organizing and conducting suitable sports activities, taking into account the very different backgrounds of the participants.

Caritas Akademie and ASPIRE Sport

Speeddating, World Cafe and Fish-Bowl Discussions were interesting concepts planned for the afternoon.

The Speeddating presented examples of good practices from clubs and projects:

-            Pamir Zarawar Khan - Chairman Afghan Styria Cricket Club

-            Karina Lackner - Founder Kicken ohne Grenzen Vienna

-            Sandra Speigner - Sport Union, Project Sport connects us


WorldCafe addressed the potential and challenges of the inclusion of refugees in the sport, and Fish-Bowl Discussions were hold around Social Inclusion of Refugees through Sport.

The Austrian workshop was the last training session planned as part of the ASPIRE Sport Project.

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ASPIRE Sport gathered policy-makers, scientists, practitioners and a wide range of interested stakeholders from the sport community to its Final Conference. The Conference aim was to present key

“A 360 degree perspective on inclusion through sport”

Almost 50 representatives from the world of federations, universities and administration, as well as the third social sector, took part in the


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