- Raheleh, what superpower helped you to achieve your goal - participate in the Olympic Games?  Doing better. When I see somebody competing in same level – I just try to do better then them. I’m not the best one but I try to do better. Always.

- What makes you feel supported?  When I speak with my family, with my trainer they support me even too much.  For example when I speak with my father he speaks always about positive things - like you will be world champion, you will be Olympic champion. This gives me energy. 
When I win a medal, when I get a good result I send my medal to my family. Because they are in Iran. And then I see my family is happy and I feel really good – I cant explain it, its a really good feeling. 

- What advice would you give to yourself 7 years ago, when you arrived to Belgium?  7 years ago I would tell myself everything will be good. Everything will be ok. 7 years ago I had to start my life again - start my life for the second time. 
When I came 7 years ago to Belgium my big goal were World Championships. I trained in Belgium because in Iran I was not allowed to train with boys. It was a good chance to get stronger. I started to train with Belgian National Team and after I did one competition, I got a problem – I could not go back to represent Iran. And I missed the World Championships.
And then my big goal was Olympic Gold. I decided to do my best, my trainer and my sport manager said to me - we will help you to get the citizenship, so I did my best. In a short time I won many medals in big tournaments. But I was too short in the country to obtain the citizenship. So I was stopped.
But one month before Olympic qualification I got a chance to attend the qualification under  IOC flag. It was an amazing motivation to go to the competition, and do my best. I got the qualification, I could go to the Olympic games. In Rio it was to hard to get Olympic medal but I will do better.
Always better. 


  • Name: Raheleh Asemani
  • Age: 30
  • Profession: Taekwondo Olympic Athlete
  • Background: Iranian-born Asemani fled her native land for Belgium in 2012. She arrived in Belgium on Christmas Day, 2012.


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