EOSE is a European, independent not for profit association registered in France since 2002.

EOSE is truly a membership organisation and brings a unique network in the sport sector composed of European and national stakeholders.

EOSE acts at the European level with the goal to serve as a source of knowledge and a strategic facilitator to support the development of sport and physical activity including employment, sports systems, developing standards, competence, qualifications and Vocational Education and Training (VET).

The EOSE vision as defined by its members is to see “A sport and active leisure sector that is playing its full part in the economic, health and social development of Europe and its member states”.

Its mission has been defined by its Members: “to facilitate and support the development of the sport and active leisure sector workforce, in bringing education and employment, to ensure people working and volunteering in the sector have the right skills to perform and enable the Sector to fulfil its potential as a social, health and economic driver”.

It is possible to summarise the areas of expertise and activities of EOSE as follows:

  • Research and analysis (Labour Market Intelligence, research strategy, questionnaire design and analysis, focus groups and interviews, research reports, external evaluation);
  • Project development and management;
  • Technical expertise in identifying and meeting skill needs;
  • Workforce development planning;
  • EU policies and new initiatives particularly at European level, in education, employment and sport;
  • Sport and Education Systems analysis.

What have we done so far in the field of social inclusion?

Over the years, EOSE has established itself as a respected, expert organisation in the sector at a European level. It is seen as independent and objective, and a facilitator and leader in skills development in the sector. The end goal of the activities of EOSE in the sector is to unlock the potential of sport and leisure, and enhance its contribution to society as a whole while creating the conditions to develop a competent workforce (both paid and unpaid) with the right skills through fit for purpose qualifications and/or course. This has been through many projects whether as leader or partner.

EOSE decision to embark into the ASPIRE project was based on the fact that at the core of the project lies the ideas of enhancing the skills and competences of facilitators in sport organisations on how to adapt existing coaching activities to the specific context of refugees and migrants. Skills development is at the heart of our mission and full part of our DNA and we were therefore convinced that this project could contribute to our wide vision for the sector.

In joining the ASPIRE project, EOSE is simply playing its role as a civil society organisation in the complex European context and aims to contribute to a project that has the potential to be a pioneer in long-term perspective, offering a solution for inclusion during and after the settlement of refugees, when it comes to facilitate the access of refugees to social services.

What is our role in the ASPIRE project?

As part of the ASPIRE project, EOSE is leading the work package on Evaluation. But EOSE will also use its network to contribute to active dissemination of the project outcomes and provide feedback on the outcomes developed whenever possible.

In being involved in this project, EOSE aims to contribute by setting the stage for this challenging project to be a true success.

In particular, EOSE will provide some opportunities for partners to anonymously:

  • Express their expectations, views and opinions at a very early stage,
  • Provide feedback on the running of the project.

EOSE should then be in a position to point out some potential areas for improvement to the project leader to ensure the later fully consider all expectations and suggestions when developing the project’s future activities.

Who is the person involved on behalf of our organisation?

Carole Ponchon

Carole Ponchon, EOSE PR and Projects Manager is the contact person for the ASPIRE project.

Carole PonchonAfter being graduated with a double master in Marketing (Business School) and in Engineering & Sport Management (University of Technology), Carole had been working as European Projects Leader for Sport and Citizenship (the European think tank in the field of sport) and then as Communication and Development Manager for ISCA (the International Sport and Culture Association). She has joined EOSE in 2013 and has sound knowledge of sport for development and CSR issue: diversity, volunteerism, disabilities, sports management, intercultural dialogue, health, and governance.

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