Finnish Olympic Committee (FOC)

The Finnish Olympic Committee has two aims:

  1. to promote physical activity among children, adolescents and adults
  2. to promote top performance in elite sport

Our mission is to energise Finland through physical activity and sport.

The Finnish Olympic Committee works in close collaboration with kindergartens, schools, companies, workplaces, federations, sport academies and sport institutes. Working together with a number of partners, we are building a good, healthy day for children and young people, that will lay the foundations for an active lifestyle.

Olympic Team Finland acts in Finland as the figurehead and face of the Olympic Committee, when our elite athletes strive for success. We strive for excellence in everything we do.

What have we done so far in the field of social inclusion?

As an umbrella organisation it´s our responsibility to promote equal opportunities to participate in sports and physical activities among all ethnic groups. Recently we have been collaborating with the Finnish Red Cross to provide physical activities to refugees.

What is our role in the ASPIRE project?

The organisation of training sessions will be a key element of the dissemination and implementation of the developed ASPIRE training module. The partner organisations from 9 countries, one of them being the Finnish Olympic Committee, will host a two-day training session between summer 2018 and spring 2019.

We hope to share Finland´s expertise in equality, networking and getting the message through.

In exchange from the other partners, we are keen on hearing about practical implementations regarding the inclusion of refugees into society through sports.

Who is the person involved on behalf of our organisation?

Elina Laine, Social Responsibility Specialist

Elina has worked as a Development Manager, Executive Producer and now as a Social Responsibility Specialist in the Finnish Olympic Committee.

She has a Master’s degree of Education (2006, University of Jyväskylä, Finland). She´s also a Sports Instructor (2001, The Sport Institute of Finland).

Elina is dedicated to promote integrity and equality in the field of sports.

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