Olympic Committee of Serbia (NOC of Serbia)

The Olympic Committee of Serbia is the leading non-governmental and non-profit making sports organisation in Serbia. NOC of Serbia represents an umbrella organisation of 42 national Olympic sports associations.

Main field of actin is sport, where its social dimension is considered as a powerful tool for promotion and development of the key ideas and messages.

The Olympic Committee of Serbia works closely with leading global sports organisations such as the IOC, EOC, ANOC, ICMG and ENGSO, National Olympic Committees (NOCs), universities, educational and research institutions and large companies.

The Olympic Committee of Serbia specialises in wide and diverse activities such as:

  • demonstration and implementation of non-formal education skills and education through sport;
  • organisation of conferences, trainings, youth sport camps, varied programs and workshops;
  • involvement of key stakeholders - ensuring contacts and exchange of leading global sports organisations;
  • support and empowerment of youth participation;
  • development of dual career programmes for athletes.

Our core competences include:

  • multi-disciplinary team with excellent organisational skills and diverse experience in organisation of multisport events;
  • network and experience through NOC’s working groups on diverse topics such as: healthy well-being, social inclusion, women and sport, environmental sustainability, Olympic education, culture and legacy, sport for all, youth participation and cooperation with international sport institutions.
  • recognition and empowerment of grassroots sports and activities.

The Olympic Committee of Serbia with its experience and expertise aims to be recognised as reliable partner for projects’ development and implementation through international funding programmes, such as IPA, ERASMUS+, Creative Europe, Horizon 2020, Europe for citizens etc.

Website: NOC of Serbia

What have we done so far in the field of social inclusion?

The Olympic Committee of Serbia nourishes and promotes fundamental principles and values of Olympism and fair play effectively across the country with a wide impact through various projects such as ″Olympic Class″, ‟EcOlympics″ and ″Sports Challenge″, etc.

It also contributes directly with its resources to the development of European sport by being one of the most active members of ENGSO over the last 20 years, hosting ENGSO and ENGSO Youth Secretariat; as well as by working closely with leading global sports organisations –such as the IOC, EOC, ANOC, ICMG, NOCs, Universities, educational and research institutions, and large companies.

The Olympic Committee of Serbia has a rich history in the recognition and coordination of support to diverse wars’ refugees as well as in reconciliation and integration processes in and through sport throughout the past century.

The Olympic Committee of Serbia is one of the most active organisations in implementing ENGSO Youth’s ARCTOS project at grassroots level year by year within the last 10 years, having a significant experience with anti-discrimination education through sport.

In the recent migrant and refugee crisis, Serbia is a transition country that has been greatly affected by the flow of migrants. The border between Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and Serbia has been one of the most difficult and challenging zone of reconciliation for humanitarian aid workers, acquiring direct experience about extreme difficulties asylum seekers face. The Olympic Committee of Serbia has excellent cooperation with Mikser House, Foundation Ana and Vlade Divac and Group 484 on various humanitarian and social projects. Through ASPIRE, we would like to establish close cooperation with all relevant organisations in the field in order to provide suitable participation opportunities for refugees in and through sport, physical activity and play.

What is your role in the ASPIRE project?

The Olympic Committee of Serbia has wide experience on the social inclusion of vulnerable groups through sport. Taking into account the topic of the project, social inclusion of refugees, Serbia’s geographical position as a major transit country of refugees brings a completely new angle to the project. The involvement of Serbia allows the project to get insight from the point of view of a major transit country to the educational module. Therefore the Olympic Committee of Serbia will contribute to the development of the training module from the perspective of a transit country.

The organisation of a one-day training session between summer 2018 and spring 2019 will be a key element of the dissemination and implementation of the developed training module. The training session will include hands-on learning opportunities and introduction to the material. In addition, it will educate and coach facilitators, enhancing their skills and competences in the area of intercultural learning and psychosocial support. The Olympic Committee of Serbia will be responsible for coordinating the organisation of the training session in Serbia, including all practical arrangements.

Who is the person involved on behalf of your organisations?

Natasa Jankovic, Olympic Values Promotion Manager

Natasa Jankovic gained comprehensive knowledge about Olympic education, pursuing her Masters studies at the International Olympic Academy and working within the environs of the NOC of Serbia. She has been a member of ENGSO (Youth) since 2007, and currently serves as ENGSO ExCom member. Her main interests are education through sport, volunteering and social inclusion. Natasa gained much experience implementing different projects and workshops which included vulnerable groups (minorities and refugees), such as "Olympic Class", "ARCTOS", "Refugee ScART", etc. Miss Jankovic appreciates not just the physical features of sport, but also the educational, social, psychological and international aspects sport brings to individuals and societies. She strongly believes in the positive aspects sport can bring to people.

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