Bulgarian Union for Physical Culture and Sport (BUPCS)

The Bulgarian Union for Physical Culture and Sports is a national sport organisation (BUPCS) with 77 members that are national sport federations and sports clubs operating in some of the largest cities in the country.
Until 1990, BUPCS as a individual national sport organisation has been performing state functions in the area of physical culture and sports. After 1990, the state functions are performed from the Ministry of Youth and Sports and BUPCS is a national sport organisation.

The development and support of all forms of exercise and sports activities on the territory of the state.


  • Support and development of the mass sport.
  • Support of children and students sport.
  • Support and development of the Bulgarian sport federation of the Olympic and non-Olympic sports and united sports clubs in municipalities.
  • Support for the activities of sport organisations at municipal departmental and state level.
  • Stimulation and support for the politics for development of sport for women, gender equality, social inclusion and integration of minorities and ethnic groups, fair play in sports and Olympic ideals.
  • It makes and offers competent state government bodies and parliamentary presented political parties in the national assembly projects and opinions on the development of physical culture and sport.

We support the sport training activities with holding various types of races and competitions, advertisement, training of future athletes and international work to help encourage the Olympic movement.

What is our motivation for joining the ASPIRE project?

Bulgaria is a border state in the European Union. Through her territory, there are many channels for legal and illegal emigration from Asia to the countries of the EU. The majority of the refugees are from Afghanistan and their goal is to reach the economically advanced Western-European countries. The country has created facilities of closed and open type to house the refugees. The language, cultural, social and religious differences between them and the locals are rather large. There is considerable intolerance towards Christianity and even some accounts of Radical Islam.
Sports can be an effective tool in the inclusion of these people, because it offers psychological support. The main objectives are of impacting motor movement i.e. sports, hygiene, religious and ethnical tolerance among children, young men and women. The idea is to encourage sport organisations to work with refugees. It should also be noted that there is a need for training people to be able to perform this job. The participation of BUPCS in the ASPIRE project has been motivated by the need of exchange of knowledge and experience, applying effective methods and tools to help the sport organisations and national institutions of the EU countries.

What is our role in the ASPIRE project?

BUPCS will help the project succeed with:

  • Partnering the ASPIRE project at Bulgarian level.
  • Coordinating the actions of the national agencies with the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of youth and sports, the Bulgarian Red Cross.
  • Research of the refugee ethical, social, age and religious structure in the country.
  • Research conditions of the sport facilities in refugee camps.
  • Taking a look at the motivation and restricting factors for practicing motor activities in and outside of refugee camps.
  • Selecting clubs and other organisations to work with the immigrants. Establishing good practices in Bulgaria.
  • Securing the financial and material aid needed from the municipality to be able to establish the integration of refugees.
  • Organisation of a nationwide training seminar.
  • Evaluation of the project at a BUPCS meeting.
  • Distribution of the brochure and other training seminars on a countrywide level.
  • Applying of the knowledge and experience gained from the ASPIRE in Bulgaria.

Who are the people involved on behalf of our organisation?

Prof. Svetoslav Ivanov DCS
President of BUPCS. Project Leader ASPIRE Bulgaria

Presently Prof Ivanov is a lecturer of Biomechanics at National Sport Academy; National Theatre Academy and a private College for health and sports. He has over 50 year of professional experience in sport federation management and academic lecturing.

Mr. Georgi Natov
Vice-President of BUPCS. Coordinator ASPIRE Bulgaria

He has a Master degree from Bulgarian Sport Academy. In addition he had been Conjunctive coach-methodologist at the Olympic training in Central Council of BUPCS.
He has over 44 years professional experience is sport management and as a trainer.

Mrs. Lubov Kirilova
Marketing and Training Expert. Project team member, ASPIRE Bulgaria

She has over 22 years experience in Marketing, Team management and motivation. Mrs Lubov holds a Master degree in International Economy. Proven track record of success in improving company performance in a dynamic and highly competitive environment. Effective operational leadership, supported by strong analytical and problem solving skills.

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