From to the beginning of April to the end of May, we involved different sports organizations asking them to implement our training module draft. We developed different questionnaires in order to get feedback about the practical and theoretical parts. This second phase of the project has been very important for us in order to improve our training module and adapt it to a larger audience. The diversity of partners based in different local contexts and countries has been really helpful to complete the training module with specific additional information and practical exercises.

Our partners were divided into two categories: Sport clubs and NGOs reviewing both the theoretical content and the practical exercises and our institutional partners reviewing only the theoretical content.

During this phase, the different partners running sports activities implemented the training module during their regular training. Based on the recommendations of our module, they applied different methods and practical exercises. As the result of their experience with refugees and youngsters involved in their structure, those organizations provided us with a feedback on the result of their adapted practices.


Find the training module on this link:

Minor Ndako Team


We have been working with 8 different testing organizations:

Minor Ndako (Belgium), Caritas (Austria), The DOSB (Germany), The Swedish Sport confederation (Sweden), The Greek Ministry of Sport and Culture (Greece), The Catalonian Tennis federation (Spain), The Union of physical activity (Bulgaria), The sport for all federation (Finland).

The 8 ASPIRE testing organizations

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