Considering the personal challenges of refugees


4.3.4. Integration and inclusion

Whether we are talking about the world of sport or society in general, inclusion and integration are words that are often used when we talk about refugees, particularly in a political context.

Inclusion is difficult and it is not unusual to end up with a form of pseudo-inclusion or, as it can be called, integration. When we integrate people we usually group people together and offer them a place within the organisation, but without creating the change to provide them with full access. Instead, a group within the group is formed and, unlike when you fully include people by changing and evolving the norms, integration does not require an effort to identify and change your norms.

Yet even if integration is not as good as inclusion, it is still preferable to both exclusion and alienation. Exclusion means that people outside of the group are not invited at all, and alienation means that those who are not invited into the group instead form a group of their own that remains on the outside.


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